CGEC Speaker Series

The Ritual of Lament for the Healthcare Professional: Gleaning lessons on grief and resilience after 13 years of working in the death trade in Mozambique and how those lessons can serve healthcare professionals around the word today.

April 18, 2022

Jonathan Heller M.S.

Founder of Casa Ahava

The first hospice care home in Mozambique

Maintaining Essential Health Services in a Conflict Zone: The Case of Dialysis in Syria

March 21, 2022

Gilbert Burnham MD, PhD, MSc

Professor Emeritus 

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health 

Willingness of Health Workers to Respond to Public Health Emergencies & Disasters: Current Evidence and New Research Avenues

February 21, 2022

Daniel Barnett MD, MPH

Associate Professor

Department of Environmental Health & Engineering

Department of Health Policy and Management (joint)

Department of Health, Behavior and Society (joint)

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health 

Humanitarian Health Emergency in Afghanistan

January 24, 2022

Paul Spiegel MD, MPH

Director, Center for Humanitarian Health

Professor of the Practice, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Alternative career paths in global health for the emergency medicine specialist

November 15, 2021

Amit Chandra MD, MSc

Senior Emerging Health Challenges Advisor, USAID

Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University Department of International Health

Term Member, Council on Foreign Relations

Fierce and Underfunded: The Unlikely Story of Emergency Medicine in Mozambique

September 20, 2021

Abigail Hankin-Wei MD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Emory University

Residency Program Director Maputo Central Hospital 

Vice President, PLeDGE Health

The Beirut Blast

August 23, 2021

Bachar Hamade MD, MSc

Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine

Department of Intensive Care and Resuscitation

Cleveland Clinic Foundation