Learning Resources



Johns Hopkins India Institute COVID-19 Clinical Resources 

A series of COVID-19 guidelines, educational material, and informational tools. 

GYAN COVID-19 Video Series

Patient-centered videos on treating COVID-19 led by Dr. Sunil Solomon and featuring various Johns Hopkins Faculty.

Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Grand Rounds 

Series of lectures hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Clinical Global Health Education to provide clinicians with knowledge about COVID-19 care.

Open Critical Care COVID-19 Guidelines Dashboard

Resource library for COVID-19 care from various global health agencies. 

OpenWHO Clinical Management of COVID-19 Patients Course

An online self-guided course on the initial approach to COVID-19 management.

African Federation for Emergency Medicine COVID-19 Resources

Africa-specific resources for emergency care including COVID-19 management.

Lecutrio COVID-19 Interactive Case Files 

An interactive clinical case series to teach the fundamentals of caring for patients with COVID-19.

Essential Emergency and Critical Care

African Federation for Emergency Medicine

Resource library of Africa-specific emergency and critical care. 

BASIC Intensive Care Course

A short course covering the fundamentals of Intensive Care. 

WHO and ICRC Basic Emergency Care Course

An open-access training course for frontline healthcare providers who manage acute illness and injury with limited resources.

WHO Severe Acute Respiratory Infection Clinical Care Training 

A course for clinicians working in ICUs in low and middle-income countries with content on clinical management of patients with a SARI.

WHO Severe Acute Respiratory Infection Toolkit 

A toolkit for clinicians working in acute care hospitals in low and middle-income countries managing acute respiratory infections.

Open Critical Care Courses

Resource library of trainings from various global collaborators covering different aspects of emergency and critical care medicine.

Stanford Critical Care Medicine Online Course 

A course for clinicians on the fundamentals of critical care. 

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